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We had this lovely letter sent in to us this week so thought that we would share....


Dear Penny,

I just wanted to say thank you for including the new articles on places beyond Corralejo in Fuertenews.


We have had a holiday home in Moro Janel since 2008, visiting three or four times year, and try to see as much of the island as possible, especially when we are there in the slightly cooler months. We have even been known to "have a holiday from our holiday" and go and stay in El Cotillo for a few days! I'm sure we can't be the only people who are interested to find out more about the whole island, as well as our own particular area.

It was particularly good to see Gran Tarajal mentioned this week, because it is so often casually dismissed as of little interest in many guidebooks, websites etc. We love it! There's plenty of room to park, a lovely shady green square, some fairly decent shops, good restaurants on the seafront - frequented by locals and a splendid place for people-watching - and above all it's a "real" place.

Something that would also particularly interest us would be articles on walking on Fuerteventura. I can't honestly claim that we are in the 15-miles before lunch bracket of walkers, but we have enjoyed a few of the shorter well-marked trails, even if we've felt every one of our advancing years by the end!

Many thanks for your work on Fuertenews, which we've enjoyed for some years now.

God bless,

Rosemary Nunn



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