Learn the language!

Elaine FergusonIf you plan to visit Fuerteventura on a regular basis, or indeed make the island your home, life will be easier and far more enjoyable if you can speak some Spanish.

Being able to communicate with local residents will make life a far more pleasant experience - and making friends with your neighbours is always a good idea, on a number of levels. Even if you only learn the basics of the language, it goes a long way to showing willing and is always much appreciated. Many however find it a real challenge to pick up a new language. If that’s you, don’t despair – there is help at hand!

New Year’s resolutions…

Elaine FergusonWell, the New Year is well underway. Do you indulge in the rather old fashioned habit of drawing up a list of New Year’s resolutions as the new year begins? I know that many today think that this is just a recipe for failure, something that will be forgotten before the first month is out, but it can be a tool to inspire and to drive you on to your goals. Once something is written down it’s amazing how much more likely you are to actually achieve your aims - and the chances of reaching your goals are vastly increased if you make yourself accountable to someone so include a family member of friend in the process!


Sterling starts the week well

Charles PurdyLast Friday saw another day of mixed results for sterling, with it hitting a fresh seven-year high seen against the euro, while falling to a new one-week low against the US dollar in the afternoon as US consumer sentiment surged to an 11-year high. With markets still largely risk-averse following Thursday’s developments from the Swiss National Bank, it will be interesting to see how sterling and other currencies react during the course of the week to news flow and data releases.

Using a credit card abroad

Elaine FergusonWe all pay for most things on either our credit or our debit cards: it's just such an easy way to pay or draw money isn't it? However, an article in the Financial Times some while back caught my eye and this may be the time to share with you a few thoughts on using your credit or debit card abroad next time you either move abroad, take that trip to visit your newly acquired property or set of on the big adventure of looking for one.



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