The importance of financial advice when buying property on Fuerteventura

Elaine FergusonThe importance of Independent Financial Advice and knowing your tax and

pension entitlements when buying in or moving to Fuerte.

Up to £850 million-worth of pension benefits currently go unclaimed by retired expats. With the recent changes in pension legislation now in full force, it becomes all the more important for Britons moving to the Spanish islands and mainland to get a thorough financial ‘check-up’ before leaving the UK, potentially saving thousands of pounds.

A flurry of excitement for the Spanish property market

Elaine FergusonReal estate agents are suggesting that April was their best month on record, some selling around 20 properties. This is having a positive knock-on effect on other property-related areas of the economy. The uplift being predominately British, this means more work for solicitors, architects, surveyors and builders on mainland Spain and the Spanish islands. Next, this positive movement will extend to interior designers and furniture stores. All those hard-working and expat businesses are finally being rewarded for their perseverance and patience during the financial crisis. All are finally feeling that the economy is picking up.

Use The Experts

LauraThe three key experts you need to help you buy property on Fuerte

If you have decided to buy a property in Fuerteventura, either as a holiday home or for a more permanent residence, you will need three expert professionals on your side to help you to view and buy your property successfully – I refer to them as “The Golden Three”:


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