Greece and the Euro

SmartBrits in the process of moving abroad or buying overseas property should be prepared to tweak their plans, given the financial implications that could result from the UK’s Emergency Budget as well as the crisis in Greece, said this month.

The Cost of Living in Fuerteventura

LauraSpain is known for being a country that offers value for money and an excellent quality of life, a status that Fuerte residents already know and enjoy!Inexpensive meals out and a lower cost of living, including bills – these elements of a more affordable lifestyle are some of the benefits of expat life in sunnier spots such as Fuerteventura. The recent Cost of Living survey from the, publishers of, compared the price of everyday groceries and household essentials in the most popular expat destinations, with Spain coming out on top once again as the cheapest place to live.

Learning the language when moving to Fuerte

Sally VeallA great way to settle into your new life on Fuerte is to make the effort to learn Spanish so you can better integrate into the community and get a real feel for life on the island. It really is worth making the effort to communicate with the people around you in the local language, and we should not expect them to speak our language - though many do, especially in the popular tourist areas. Give it a try - you will delighted at the many doors that speaking Spanish can open for you.            Here are some top tips from to get you started.

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