How do fluctuating currency markets affect my money?

Elaine FergusonA common aspect of life as an expat is transferring money between countries. You obviously want this to be as cost-effective as possible, so it is important to do your research and keep an eye on what’s going on in the currency markets, to be sure you can get the best possible exchange rate and avoid market risks. Currency markets are often affected – either adversely or positively – by global political and economic events, and 2015 has certainly been an eventful year in this respect!

Most recently, events in China have had a notable ripple effect on the European currency markets, ultimately eating away at your money. This week, Elaine Ferguson, Head of the Resource Centre at
Spain Buying Guide, talks to currency experts, Smart Currency Exchange, about what this means for expats in Fuerteventura and for those who have plans to move over here.

Sunshine and sociability - why pensions should look abroad

Elaine FergusonGated residential communities, such as those on Spain’s Costas and Portugal’s Algarve, could provide the ideal living environment for many British pensioners, said in August, following new research that reveals retirees living within village-style communities are less likely to feel lonely or isolated than those still living in their own homes.

Getting and staying connected when living in Fuerteventura

Sally VeallSo, you’ve fallen in love with Fuerteventura, bought your dream property here, and are ready to move in! If you are living on Fuerteventura permanently, or for any significant length of time throughout the year, it will be important to you to be able to keep in regular touch with your family and friends who live elsewhere. Sally Veall of shares her top five tips for getting and staying connected.

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