LauraIf you are moving to Fuerteventura permanently, it’s always useful to hear from those who have already made the move. Laura Richards, country specialist at, shares the top tips she received from expat readers.

 1.You can never do too much research

When moving abroad, your research becomes even more important, and there is also a considerable amount of additional research than needs to be undertaken. Try to note down all the questions you may have about moving to Fuerte and seek detailed answers to them before you even set foot on the island. Look at what other expats have to say on blogs, read the local press online, and ask around among your friends and family if they know of anyone who has done the same. Additionally, you can read the articles about buying and moving on It’s so important to find out all that you can, so that you have the knowledge and tools to help you move to Fuerte successfully.


2.Immerse yourself in your new way of life

As a new expat, you will find that integrating with the local culture and community really pays dividends. Fuerteventura has a thriving expat community; you can find out more about this in Fuerte News and expat forums. While it’s great to have a network of fellow expats to socialise with, it’s also really important to get acquainted with your local neighbours and make the effort to get to know and understand the traditional culture of Fuerte. It should be fun making new acquaintances and friendships of all nationalities; to do this, it’s worth finding out if you can continue any of the interests that you used to pursue in the UK, whether that is sport, photography, dance, exercise classes, or any other pastimes and leisure pursuits. Check out the local markets to get talking to your new neighbours, and look for local clubs, societies, or meeting places to get a feel for what’s on offer locally and the different ways you can get involved.


3.Get connected!
As soon as you get to Fuerte, make every effort to get connected to the Internet and utilities quickly. Make sure you know what payments you will need to make for your various bills, and familiarise yourself with how you will need to pay them – can you pay online, for example, and how regular are the payments? Once you are settled in and have everything connected, make sure you know how you are going to get around – by buying a car or getting to grips with public transport, perhaps – so you will not be isolated in your new home. It’s also important to stay connected to the family and friends you left behind – once you are online, you can use Skype and social media to stay in touch and keep up to date with the latest goings-on in the UK.


4.Keep a foot in the UK…
It can be worth keeping an address in the UK, if you can, for particular correspondence, perhaps, or if you need to return regularly. This is also useful if you need to move back at any point. Keeping a UK bank account open is also recommended, as, once you have moved back to the UK, it can be difficult to open a UK bank account again.


5.Think carefully about what you will take with you

You may just want a blank canvas and a fresh start for the interior of your new property in Fuerte, and there are certainly plenty of places to buy good quality furniture and home furnishings when you get here. Be ruthless about what you want to take with you, but don’t forget those items that you feel you really could not live without, or anything of personal or sentimental significance.

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