Laura1) Find expat associations online

Do your homework and find expat societies based in the area of Fuerteventura that you plan to move to in advance. You will find lots of useful information about the area and get an insight into the different expat and local activities on offer in your area of choice. This also provides the opportunity to plan ahead before you even set foot on Fuerte, and offers the chance to make contact before you arrive with local expats and meet people ‘virtually’ who are already living in Fuerteventura.

2) Research your local area before you go:
If you enjoy sports, photography or other hobbies in the UK, take a look online at what societies and clubs are available in your local area of Fuerte – you may be surprised at the variety of interests and leisure pursuits you can get involved in.

Find out what facilities and different events are available in your local area – are there regular meetings, festivals or fêtes that you can get involved in? Look out for leisure centres, expat get-togethers and the local recreational facilities, where you can continue to enjoy your existing hobbies. All of these local amenities offer the opportunity to try out new activities and meet new people – fellow expats and locals alike. Be sure to make full use of the local news services, such as Fuerte News, and their What’s On and What’s Coming up? listings.

3) Learn the language

Learning some basic Spanish before you go can be a big help. We recommend trying to squeeze in any Spanish classes in the UK before you go, and it is definitely worth looking for classes in your local area of Fuerte for when you get there. Knowing the language will help you to acclimatise quicker and make you feel more comfortable when settling in to your new life on Fuerteventura. Don’t worry about getting everything right at the first try – the main thing is that you are making the effort, which is appreciated, and often a simple “hola!” goes a long way.

4) Explore the area in more depth when you get there

Take a walk around the local area when you first arrive and find out exactly what you have on your doorstep. Look out for a friendly local café or bar where expats already meet, and try to sum up the courage to introduce yourself. Expats who have already made the move to Fuerte will have had similar experiences to you, and will certainly have learned from the process – you are likely to find that they are only too happy to share their stories and words of wisdom with you.

5) Stay connected to friends and family and keep up with developments in the UK
It’s highly probable that you will feel homesick at some point. Staying in regular contact with your family and friends in the UK really helps with this. Get a pay as you go mobile phone as quickly as you can when you get there, so you can contact the various Spanish utility and Internet providers and get set up with everything you need. This then gives you the opportunity to Skype with your loved ones back in the UK. If you are still waiting for an Internet connection, you may have to wait a find a local bar or hotel that offers free WiFi, look for a local library with Internet facilities, or an Internet café.

Above all, we urge you to make the most of your new life on Fuerte – there is so much to see and do on this beautiful island, offering such great quality of life; you may find you are spoiled for choice for ways to while away the hours!

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