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The World Environment Day is celebrated on June 5 every year since 1973 to raise awareness of environmental population and encourage global action on environmental protection. Different countries have all sorts of different celebrations and events on this day


Going on On Our Island:

From the Club Green Bike Association back to join this date with Bicicletada fifth edition of the Environment and Cycle Cinede Environment and Human Rights, spaces for enjoyment, reflection and learning which aims to highlight the importance and respect deconocer natural heritage and have a civil society aware and active to achieve development that puts people and the environment at the center of its performance.

The Bicicletada be held on Sunday 11 June at 10.30 am from Majanicho Corralejo and where there will be the usual snacks, environmental workshops and drawing cyclists accessories. This year also people who do the bike tour will participate in a drawing for a bike.

The event has the support of Agonane Ben Magec, Clean Ocean Project, Surf & Bike Riders, the Platform for New Energy Model Fuerteventura, La Paneteca and The Mechanic and the Department of Environment City of La Oliva, among other things, facilitates civil protection device, and with him a safe journey through the north coast, usually traveled by vehicles traveling well above the speed limit on a track classified as "Ruta Ciclista de Fuerteventura" and ZEPA.

The film series held at the root of Village of La Oliva Cultural Association, includes the projection 3 documentaries which invite us to reflect on the impact of human action on the environment and rights of humans.

On May 25 "Liquid Desert" by Daniel Carrasco and Alba Azaola, will be screened on June 8, "The True Cost" (The real cost) by Andrew Morgan

15 June, "Bring the Sun Home" Chiara Andrich and Giovanni Pellegrini, on key issues for the sustainability of life issues such as overfishing, the textile industry and energy sovereignty.

The association appreciates the support of all the associates, the artist César Llaguno, and the filmmakers Daniel Carrasco and Alba Azaola assign its rights by projection.

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