Local Events and Fiestas



Bring your costumes and attend the biggest and best carnival in Fuerteventura. It will be (as it always is) big colourful affair with all sorts of beautiful floats and dancers in the most amazing costumes.


This year the theme “Inventions and Science” was chosen by the public via an online vote. So if you can theme your outfit to that, brilliant – if not Brilliant anyway as it doesn’t matter. Come and join the crowded streets for a spectacle to remember. The main parade will go by and then everyone PARTIES which normally lasts till the very early hours.

If you enjoy a good Spanish style party then Corralejo is the place to be this week

Carnival program this week. Events held outside the sports hall near the harbor..

Friday 09th 20:00 - Inaugural parade with dancing girls €3 (all night party)

Sat 10th 20:00 - Presentation of the female carnival Queens. €3

Sun 11:00 to 16:00 - Waikiki beach attractions.

19:00 Gala Infantil (kids)

Mon 20:00 Tourist Day

Tues 20:00 Drag Queen night

Wed 10:00 High street Schools Parade

20:00 Old Peoples Party

Thurs 18:00 Fiesta infantile

Fri 20:30 Murgas Parade (satirical fancy dress singing groups). €3

Sat 18:00 The BIG CARNIVAL PARADE from the 'chupa chups' (lollipops) roundabout.

Sun 19:30 The burning of the Sardine (religious significance) followed by fireworks fired from the town beach


Send us your pictures, we love to see them xx

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