Holidays from the Island

canariesThe Canary Islands formed as a result of volcanic activity with Fuerteventura the oldest island, formed about 70 million years ago. Today, the Canary Islands remain a popular hot spot with holidaymakers from all over the world craving the warm climate, diverse culture and a variety of activities such as carnivals, festivals and water sports.



SotaventoThe Canary Islands are famed for their beautiful beaches and crystal blue waters and it is because of this that divers and keen surfers travel from all over the world to experience them. Beaches popular with locals and tourists alike include Sotovento, Costa Calma, a beach popular with naturists located in Fuerteventura, a breathtaking stretch of white sand.

Also famous for the PWA Windsurfing and Kitesurfing Grand Slam each year.

Water sports such as snorkelling, surfing and diving are a favourite within the Canary Islands.  One of the main attractions of the island of Fuerteventura for followers of all water sports is the fairly constant year round temperature of the water.
The Canaries stream is responsible for the fairly constant sea temperature, and this results in an abundance of diverse marine life, that makes diving such a pleasure.
Golf is also a popular activity within the Canary Islands largely due to the mild weather and stunningscenery. Fuerteventura boasts one of the post popular courses within the islands; created in Caleta de Fuste (Costa Caleta) and opened in 2002 the course was designed by Juan Catarineu and hosted the Spanish Open in 2004.


In addition to the plentiful beaches and sporting activities available further attractions include museums on the history of the people of Fuerteventura and numerous music and dance carnivals that take place throughout the year.
Fuerteventura, as well as the other Canary Islands, are partly tax-free areas. This means that the prices for products such as tobacco, spirits and perfumes are cheaper here than in the majority of other EU countries. Travellers returning from the Canary Islands are treated at the customs like travellers from outside the European Union.
Throughout the islands you can find a vast selection of international cuisine such as Mexican, Italian and French specialties. However the traditional cooking of the Canary Islands remains relatively unknown to the visitor. A good way of tasting the traditional dishes with a glass of the local wine is to follow the islands’ custom and visit the "Guachinches". These are typical establishments to which the locals flock at the weekend. Typical local fare will include fresh fish and seafood and tropical fruits.