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Rules for cyclists

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A foot patrol of local police has enforced ordinances in La Oliva

The agents placed particular emphasis on traffic rules related to cycling. A special reinforcement of the local police monitored the occupation of public roads.

Insulin Storage for Cabin Baggage and Beach Days

Insulin THermos OUtside

As insulin dependent diabetics know, medications such as this has to be stored at certain temperatures to remain effective. This can prove difficult for both plane journeys and when traveling abroad in climates such as ours. One of our readers has invented an effective solution.

John Pritchard came up with these 2 solutions for insulin storage and transportation after travelling himself over to the Canaries. He told us:

Holiday Booking Scam's


There are various ways the scammers operate. They’ve been known to hack and intercept email address published on the web, to set up whole new websites and simply download the images from places like Owner’s Direct, and even to advertise properties in local magazines and online.


Canarians going mad for mobiles

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PEOPLE living in the Canaries spend more time daily on their mobiles than those in any other Spanish region.

On average, we use our devices 4.72 hours a day, which is 30 minutes more than the national average, according to a  study.

Fuerteventura “the tranquil” island!

tranquill IslandIf you are like me, you are half afraid to turn the news on each day. There always seems to be another terrorist attack or similar atrocity.

When I holiday on this peaceful island I can escape from the worlds acceleration of violence. A world where we fear for the safety of our family.

What’s it all about?

Fuertenews Professional Meet up

Meet up

I was chatting to someone the other day who is a experienced counsellor and she was struggling to find places and people with whom to discuss her skills, advertise her offerings and display her skills so she was thinking of giving up and I thought - Why let your skills and knowledge go to waste?


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