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John and Penny Holliday are the proud owners of the book shop.

They have a huge selection of new and second hand books for purchase or for swapping.

Books available in many different languages.


Campanario People. Emiliyan Draganov

EmilianEmiliyan Draganov is a talented photographer who presents his work in a most unusual way. He mounts his photographs on to a board which is a mixture of wood fibres and polystyrene This is a flexible material which allows him to bend and shape it so that the mount itself while enhancing the picture, is a craft in itself. Emiliyan tells me he came upon the technique quite by accident.


Campanario People. Brian McLernon


Brian arrived in Fuerteventura 11 years ago. Originating from Bangor, County Down in Northern Ireland where he earned his living as a bricklayer.

One of the most enthusiastic and motivated artists I know, Brian woke up one morning a couple of years after arriving here and wanted to photograph. He got himself a camera but was not pleased with the results so he started to study. He avidly devoured information on techniques, current and past and the work of other photographers. Learning to study light itself, is the most important element in enabling him to create evocative photographs. He says his studies lead him from one path to another, all the time increasing his knowledge and ability to create photographs that resonate. Today he continues this research and experiment on a daily basis. 


Campanario People. Freda and Dave Sangermano

image002Freda and Dave Sangermano have lived on Fuerteventura for 9 years with their two sons and lots of animals. They have a lovely workshop in the mountains next to a goat farm where they make their jewellery and other items. Their jewellery pieces are forged from sterling silver, contrived and sculpted to reflect both organic and historic influences prevalent on Fuerteventura and from their Celtic background.




Campanario People. Bernie and Karen

image002If you have not already made a visit to the Campanario Shopping centre on a Sunday morning, you really should do so. The streets are filled with stalls offering all kinds of hand-made crafts. Many of the stall holders speak English as well as Spanish and some of them have emigrated to the island from Great Britain and become part of the Artisan culture.

Here is one such couple, Bernie Powers and Karen Maynard.

Bernie and Karen have a very interesting history together, Karen originates from South Wales and met Bernie whilst she was working as a bus driver in London. They travelled together first to Australia where Bernie worked as a painter and decorator for six years, after which they lived in Israel where Bernie took tourists on guided tours of all the biblical sites, before arriving in Fuerteventura 12 years ago.



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