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Tindaya destinoactuales


Tindaya Mountain is situated in the north-east of Fuerteventura, close to La Oliva. The original aboriginal inhabitants of Fuerteventura considered Tindaya to be a sacred mountain with magical properties.  

This is evident from the more than 300 engravings in the shape of a foot at the base – these are of great archaeological value. This solitary mountain, 400 metres high and sculpted by the passing of time, really stands out in Fuerteventura’s typically dry, flat landscape.

Trails and mysterious landscapes on Tindaya

On the south-west crest of Tindaya there is a path that allows visitors the chance to get up-close to the mountain and to really appreciate its beautiful colours. There is legend that it sometimes glows in the dark. The landscape that circles this sacred mountain is impregnated with a sense of peace and mystery, and there is a tiny village found at the base, to the south, where you will find some shops and restaurants. Ask in these shops the way to Tindaya beach, not easy to find but well worth a visit.

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