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Grumpy Old Man

An older relative of Sunnyside Up. He suffers badly from so many foolish acts of those around him that he needs a constant supply of Blood Pressure pills.

From his armchair he could run the country so much better than any of these Namby Pamby politicians of today. His mantra for today’s miscreants is “They need a short sharp shock. A dose of National Service would do them no harm”


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Stressed Susie and her Five Min Moan

Stressed Mummy

Why did I start this blog? If I said the king of the internet called me up and said that people were interested in what I had to say would you believe me? – No? If I said that I felt that I could reach people in the same boat so they didn’t feel so alone, you may believe that but it simply wouldn’t be true. I started this blog as a form of therapy; I live a hectic life with 3 children and at times I am close to exploding. Many things on a daily basis makes my blood boil and rather than exploding at a random member of the public or a family member I thought that writing things down may be therapeutic! So now I have written it, I am afraid you have to read it……..


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Sunnyside Up

Sunnyside Up lives in the UK but his parents are some well known residents here. He gives his own unique views on a variety of topics.




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GuestroomrenderedThis is the space for readers to send their articles to. An open forum for you to comment on life in Fuerteventura - see your writing online - send it to us now!!

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Twinkle Trust Animal Aid

In the early spring of 1995 Jenny and Andy Billimore visited Fuerteventura for a week’s holiday, while they were there, like many holiday makers they were adopted by one of the local stray cats, one little cat became known as Twinkle. Once back in the UK Jenny could not forget about Twinkle and returned to Fuerteventura one month later, with a place booked in UK quarantine for this special little black cat, but all did not go well.

Unfortunately Twinkle had gotten very sick in the month since Jenny had left and sadly Twinkle lived for just 4 more heart breaking days, never having the chance to enjoy the loving home she desperately deserved and needed. In memory of that little cat Twinkle Trust Animal Aidwas formed

Since those early days, Twinkle has sterilised over 6500 homeless cat. We have also provided many cat feeding stations called ‘cat cafes’ these give us the opportunity to feed the cats, humanely control the cat population and reduce the cats need to enter holiday accommodation.

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Donald Innes is a writer and photographer who lives on Fuerteventura. He writes poems and prose about his experiences here. 

You can see more of his pictures on http://donaldinnesross-aplaceforinnes.blogspot.com

If you are interested in buying any of his pictures just call him on 608 362 376

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Bus Stop Dave

 Retired teacher and published author, David lived on Fuerteventura for several years.

The Canaries Collection is a collection of 22 stories about Dave's time living in the Canaries, mainly on Fuerteventura. The stories are set on the various Canary Islands and range from humorous to quite thought-provoking, having a variety of characters both English and Spanish of every age and walk of life.

The Canaries Collection. ISBN 978 0 905985 718

Published by The LICHFIELD PRESS: www.lichfieldpress.moonfruit.com

Top of the 60's. 14 stories about growing up in the 1960's.

Available from Holland Park Press:
ISBN: 978-1-907320-09-5
Price: £10.99

He has two other novels in print, 'A Minor Relationship' - Minerva Press 1993 and 'The Called and The Chosen' - The Lichfield Press 2004.

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Jeanne Quigley

Jeanne QuigleyJeanne was born in Dublin and has spent most of her life there. She has also lived in Gran Canaria for a year and in the US for about eight months.

She bought a house in Tamaragua in 2006 and divides her time between here and Ireland.

Jeanne has been involved in the food business since leaving catering college and began to write about food over 20 years ago getting a full-time job as a journalist in a local paper in Dublin where she wrote about everything!

 The two areas Jeanne prefers to write about are food and travel and she has been lucky enough to have visited  most European countries as well as Hawaii, Bermuda and Scandinavia to write about the food, culture and customs.

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HairbrainElaine Knapman is a popular hairdresser on Fuerteventura. She lives in Corralejo with her husband Andy, her dog Toby and numerous cats. She writes about social events on the island.





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