Spanish Wines

Some times people ask about wine. When presented with a wine list they feel baffled and pressured to act or ask in a certain manor. To be honest, wine is a personal choice, it is what you like more than anything else (eg price, region etc). 
The definition of a good wine is one YOU enjoy, with no ill effects. 
So Penny (our resident wine expert - trust us, she knows her stuff - mainly from drinking plenty of it!) has put together a small guide for you regarding local wines.
Quality Reds mostly from Rioja and Penedes. A variety of white wines including very good ones from our neighbouring island Lanzarote, and a fine sparkling wine known as cava. Also don't forget the Sangria.
Most of the restaurants on the island sport a reasonable house wine at a very good price. If you’re not sure, just ask for a taste before buying.
An easy drinking red, very popular is the Torres “Sangre de Torro” light, fruity and available in most restaurants.
For the white, the most widely drunk, also a Torres, seems to be “Vina Sol” also light and fruity without being too sweet. For the sweeter palate try the “St Valentine”
For the more adventurous ask for the local Lanzarote wines, most are the Malvasia grape, a little more body than the above and wines to be savoured with a meal.
Most Cava is delicious. Available in Brut or semi brut.
Sangria is made and drunk all over Spain. Mostly a base of red wine, lemonade and fruit. Most refreshing on a sunny day overlooking the ocean. As you roam along the promenade you will note many restaurants offering a jug of Sangria, some even make it at the table so you can watch the ingredients going in.
Wines, unlike spirits are absorbed at a slow and steady rate by the blood stream. Enjoy the experience. But remember “you can’t pull yourself out of trouble with a corkscrew”. Also the island has a zero tolerance for drinking and driving.
“Cheers.” Penny.

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