Spanish Wines

Enjoying your Spanish wines on holiday.   A day without wine is like a day without sunshine.
The drinking of wine, sharing a bottle of wine, is one of the most civilised things in the world. It should start and end with a smile.
Enjoy the experience of the many varieties of wine available on the island.
Spanish Wines

Wines to look out for - A Guide To Wines


Historic bodegas with decades of history are common in Spain, 
but the country is also rife with ambitious young winemakers, all heading off to the hinterlands in search of ancient vines and exceptional terroirs.

Hidebound regional rules? No, thanks—let’s break them.

Land too rugged to be farmed? Well, maybe that’s exactly why it’s great.

Here are the future superstars to watch out for along with our guide to Canary Wines.


Choosing House wines

Some times people ask about wine. When presented with a wine list they feel baffled and pressured to act or ask in a certain manor. To be honest, wine is a personal choice, it is what you like more than anything else (eg price, region etc). 
The definition of a good wine is one YOU enjoy, with no ill effects. 
So Penny (our resident wine expert - trust us, she knows her stuff - mainly from drinking plenty of it!) has put together a small guide for you regarding local wines.

A visit to Lanzarote vineyards

I was lucky enough to spend a few days in Lanzarote this week, a tour of the vineyards had to be on the agenda.Lanzarote is just a short hop over on the ferry to Playa Blanca. A good day out of your holiday.If your idea of a vineyard is rolling green hills and plush vines, re think. Lanzarote consists of angular volcanoes that replace the rolling hills and black picon replaces the expected green patchwork fields.   The picon absorbs moisture from the air, releases it into the ground and prevents evaporation. This method of dry cultivation is unique to Lanzarote.

Albali Wines

When I had the bar, one of the favourites with my customers was the Albali Reserva. Rich and fruity with sufficient tannis to give it a bit of strength, but soft enough to drink glass after glass! Albali wines are readily aailable in supermarkets here and I even found a bottle of Reserva when I was in Holland - I had to get it to have a taste of home! I find their wines ood value for money and reliable, so a good buy to have with your evening meal - or even just a plate of goat's cheese. Here is some information on the winery and how they make their wines.

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