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Road closure protest

The Las Dunas de Corralejo road, in the Municipality of La Oliva in Fuerteventura, is now closed to traffic until 6 October. The FV-104 is one of the busiest roads on the island, and its closure has caused very divided opinions.


This week a protest rally outside the Government of Fuerteventura with the slogan ‘No to Closing the Sand Dunes’ worn by protesters on their banners and reflective jackets. They are demonstrating against this road closure, because this road gives access to many tourist attractions of the island of Fuerteventura.

Marcial Morales, President of the Government of Fuerteventura said “We are aware of the inconvenience, but this is a brief temporary closure, and avoids complete closure of the road.”

The Government of Fuerteventura also issued a press statement, as this issue has now been reported in newspapers in other countries, such as the UK.

“This sand dune road closure will serve, in addition to the filming of the American super production ‘Wonder Woman’, to develop a socioeconomic study of the damage that would generate the final closure to be carried out in compliance with corrective measures of the environmental impact report of the La Caldereta to Corralejo Highway Project. These conclusions will be forwarded to the Department of the Environment of the Canary Islands Government to study the legal options of keeping the coastline open. Barriers are now placed to prevent the passage of cars through Las Dunas de Corralejo road.”