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Loggerhead turtles.

The Government of Fuerteventura this week reported that a young specimen of loggerhead turtle, which was rescued on 8 December 2017 in the airport area, with low weight, trapped and entangled in rubbish, has now been returned to the sea from the beach of Gran Tarajal.



This release of the loggerhead turtle was attended by Marcial Morales, President of Fuerteventura Government, Cristian Cabrera, Councillor of Youth of Tuineje, those who were attending the Youth Volunteer Camp of Tuineje 2018, and twenty other young people from various local communities who had never attended this type of sea creature release before.

Morales said “We take advantage of the celebration of the summer camp to invite its participants to learn more about this release, an action that aims to once again create collective awareness of the importance of the sea being perfectly clean. This experience is intended to teach others to enjoy the beaches with responsibility, knowing that the sea is inhabited by many species which can be harmed by human activities, and today the release of this loggerhead turtle is a good example.”

The young people from the summer camp were told how human action influences the turtle population and their habitat, as well as inviting them to be aware of the danger of throwing debris into the sea, especially the plastics and drinks cans that are extremely lethal to turtles, or to leave rubbish on the beaches.


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