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Hospital Investment

Canarias invests 380,000 euros in renovating the equipment of the Fuerteventura Hospital
Three new echographs, echocardiographs, a surgical arch will be incorporated and the electronics of the computer network will be renewed


The Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands , through the Canary Islands Health Service (SCS), will allocate 380,000 euros for the renovation of technological and computer equipment at the General Hospital of Fuerteventura. Thus, the hospital center will have a new mid-range ultrasound and another high-end for gynecology valued at 30,000 and 80,000 euros, respectively, an ultrasound for medical surgical specialties budgeted at 40,000 euros and echocardiographs worth 80,000 euros.

With this new equipment, the quality of care provided to patients will continue to be improved , since it facilitates the performance of less invasive and more precise diagnostic tests and, in addition, expands the service portfolio of the hospital in Palma.

In addition, a new surgical arch valued at 50,000 euros will be acquired that will allow on-screen visualization of radiographic images in real time to perform certain dynamic techniques and verify that they have been performed correctly. Likewise, the electronics of the computer network will be renewed, action that has a budget of 100,000 euros and that will allow to improve the data traffic and reduce the expense of the electric bill.

The total investment will be 405,000 euros, charged to the remaining Treasury of the SCS for the year 2017
Regarding the technical equipment for home care in Fuerteventura, 25,000 euros will be invested in the acquisition of dermatoscopes worth 10,000 euros for the clinical diagnosis of cutaneous melanoma and home telemonitoring equipment with a budget of 15,000 euros to perform a better follow-up to distance of the clinical status of the patients while they are at home.

This total investment of 405,000 euros that the SCS will carry out in Fuerteventura will be charged to the remaining Treasury of the SCS for the year 2017 and meets the condition of financially sustainable, having a positive impact in the long term, direct and verifiable, to be destined to the purchase of necessary equipment to continue diminishing the waiting lists, to improve the quality of the sanitary assistance and to deepen in the reduction of the sanitary cost.


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