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New Museum

The Government of the Canary Islands announced this week that La Casa de los Coroneles or House of the Colonels will be transformed into the Museum of the History of Fuerteventura.

 The General Directorate of Historical Heritage of the Canary Islands Government completed agreements with the Government of Fuerteventura that will see this project become a reality in 2020.


La Casa de los Coroneles was built in the 18thCentury, and the majestic building was an official residence of the colonels who exercised military rule on the island, which explains its name. Currently, its interior has been converted into a cultural space with permanent and temporary exhibitions.

The Government of the Canary Islands, together with the Government of Fuerteventura, is in charge of financing this transformation of this historic building, and reconstruction work could begin in early 2019.


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