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The 'American Star' shipwrecked again

More than 20 years after the shipwreck of the SS American Staron Fuerteventura´swest coast, conductor José Alberto Pina was inspired by the last and fatal voyage of the ocean liner to compose a symphonic work that has toured Spain and the rest of Europe.


The SS American Star ,which a storm wrecked against the cliffs of the playa de Garcey (Pajara) on 15 January 1994, returns to wreck in another sea: that of symphonic music. Composer, teacher and conductor José Alberto Pina Picazo was inspired by the last voyage of the ship to compose the work for the Ghost ship in English.

The musical inspired by the sinking  was commissioned by the Gran Canaria Wind Orchestra. The Ghost ship was premiered at the auditorio de Teror (Gran Canaria) in 2017 under the direction of the composer and the interpretation of the Gran Canaria Wind Orchestra.

 The ghost ship moved to the musical score 'the mystery' surrounding the last days of the SS American Star combining 'adventure and even the nobility of the ship'. The composer regretted not having been in the playa de Garcey because, among other reasons, when they commissioned the symphonic work, the ship had been completely broken up.  

After its premiere in Gran Canaria last year, the Ghost ship has toured the auditoriums in Spain and Europe (Germany and Belgium, among other countries), having planned to close the tour in Los Angeles.

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