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Selfie Sticks Banned On beach

Due to the change in Roaming Charges This week several beaches have banned the “Selfie Stick” as the number of selfies soar and phones are blocking out essential Sunlight to bathers

Some people say it's well deserved and a good idea as the sticks are a pain, while others are still keen to give their novelty Christmas gift a run out whilst on the beach.

The device - essentially a metal pole which elongates your arm - is aimed to help you get a better view of the action and still get a decent picture of you with your mates.

However some bathers have complained that they have ended up in other peoples photos due to the higher elevation.

Maria Bratavas stated “I couldn’t believe it, I was looking through facebook and I noticed pictures of me in the back ground sunbathing”. “ a group of rowdy holiday makers were just along the beach taking pictures and must have caught me in it”

The spokesperson for the beaches affected have stated that they are doing all they can to reduce the use of sticks and in some cases abnned Selfies altogether by installing signs such as the below at various points along the beach. 


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