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Snail Victim Survives as Protests Die Down

Andrea Presario (the first victim of the snail infestation) has survived and is out of hospital. She tells us first-hand about her ordeal as the protests start to die down.

If you haven’t been following our horrific story about the “Jambon Snails” infestation then please click HERE to catch up from the very beginning

Andrea Presario has now been discharged from hospital after fully recovering from the hundreds of bites she received from the escargatoire’s (the collective noun for snails) of snails that surrounded her.

She said to us “it was horrific, there was nothing I could do. As I fell into the snails I knew that it was serious. I tried calling for help and even tried to reach out to a passer by. But they couldn’t get close enough. The last thing that I remember was what felt like hundreds of tiny pin pricks and then it is just blank”.

The tens of tens of people that were protesting regarding the extermination of the creatures have now started to dissipate. Marco Roberto was one of them and he said to us “it was extremely sad to think of all those little creatures being exterminated, however I do have a job to get back to and my French Restaurant won’t run itself”

Marco was s dedicated to the snails he even decided to take as many back to his restaurant as he could carry to give what he said would be “A proper Send off!”

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