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Man Arrested After Eating Bus Seat

In the early hours of this morning, a man was arrested in Las Palmas this morning for eating a bus seat. A shocked member of the public gave us their eye witness account of the scene.

Mateo Fernández, aged 24 of Corralejo was reported to authorities by a concerned member of the public.

Sue Rodríguez was travelling along the main road to the airport on the bus when she noticed some strange behavior at the back of the bus. She said "The man in front of me started eating his bus seat with a knife and fork, he even pulled a bottle of Mojo Sauce from his jacket and covered the entire seat with it."

She alerted the bus driver who phoned the police and the vehicle was stopped just short of the airport

Bus Driver, Mr A García, aged 54 was understandably shocked by the incident. "He ate a large portion of the seat and it looked like he was thoroughly enjoying himself. The police arrested him and he tried to struggle. One police officer gave him a Chinese burn while a member of the public karate chopped him in the neck"

Fernández Outo, General Manager for Tiadhe Buses estimated the damage at around 2,500euros. "We will not tolerate anybody who decides to scoff our buses.” He said angrily “I understand that people get hungry and bus seats do look delicious - but please - visit a tapas bar or cafe if you feel puckish, bus seats are NOT for eating.

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