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Earth Day (not the same as Earth Song)

April 22 is Earth Day, which is celebrated to create a common awareness of environmental issues. Here we celebrate it on Friday 21 (nothing odd there eh!!)

We will celebrate it with a talk by the Professor of Prehistory of the University of La Laguna, Maricruz Jiménez Gómez , with the theme of "Territory and Identity" , in A magical place, the Grain Museum "La Cilla", c / Orilla nº, in La Oliva. Jimenez -expert in Sacred Territories- has dedicated his professional life to investigate the aboriginal cultures of the Canary Islands, with special attention on the island of El Hierro.

And in the Calcolitico in Portugal with the German Archaeological Institute of Madrid.

His doctoral thesis on the Chalcolithic amulets of Mediterranean Spain was the beginning of his formation in the magico-religious and symbolic world in prehistory, to which he has dedicated himself as a teacher and researcher.

She has also been Provincial Inspector of Historical Heritage of El Hierro for more than 20 years. Projects such as the Ecomuseum of the Village of Guinea (El Golfo) are signed. He has published numerous books and articles on these issues.

On Saturday April 22, at 12.30 pm, we praise the Earth with a Fiesta with performances and popular Paella. The day will start a poem by Fernanda Castellot and Aga and his students will follow with songs from the Earth.Finally "Bel" singer, assiduous of Freedom 8. Expert in Mimo, Clown and gestural theater and old member of the international group of percussion and Mayúmana dance .

Apprentice poet and niece of Joaquín Sabina from which he has inherited his elf. Bel will perform a percussion workshop with the body. The Festival for the Earth will take place in the Patio of the People's Root Center, c / Francisco Fuentes Martín 11, in La Oliva.

At the end of the day, we transfer the tribute to the Earth to Tindaya. At sunset, at 20 o'clock in the Bar Restaurante los Podormorfos, "Bel" willpresent his latest album as a singer- songwriter Pasatos de Jijala.

Earth Day is organized by the Cultural Association of the People's Root and Agonane / Ben Magec- Ecologists in Action. And they collaborate: Clean Ocean Projec, Sustainable Fuerteventura, Green Bike Club, Tindaya Mountain Coordinator, Imaginary Territory, Natural Shop, Los Podomorfos and El Teste Restaurant Bar.

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