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Update on stars wars movie.

Filming for the untitled Han Solo film is underway, and now we have reports that the production team is heading to Fuerteventura in Spain to film scenes for the planet Corellia….

The planet of Corellia was the home planet of beloved Star Wars character Han Solo, who was tragically killed by his own son, Kylo Ren (Ben Solo) in the events of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.Now, with an all-new Star Wars standalone film focusing on the origins of everyone’s favorite scoundrel with a heart of gold — Han Solo — as part of that story, his home planet will have to be explored.  The production team for Han Solo are now heading to Fuerteventura to film scenes, and according to the Spanish site, these scenes are in fact for Han’s home planet of Corellia. the details are a bit unusual.

The dune area of Cañada de la Barca, in the interior of the Jandía Natural Park, will become the desert planet of Corella, an area where the young Han Solo came from and the place, until now imaginary, where he became the best The galaxy at the orders of Jabba the Hutt and where, according to legend, managed to complete the Kessel race in less than twelve parsecs, unite longitude used in astronomy, with its precious ship, the Millennium Falcon.

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