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70 rescued from Mount Teide cable cars after a breakdown

70 people of various nationalities including three children were trapped in the cable car cabins at Mount Teide following a complete system breakdown on Wednesday afternoon. The cable car was stuck half way up the peak, the system would not restart, so all emergency services were called in.

Six emergency helicopters, an emergency coordination vehicle, Canarian health service emergency staff, firemen, Guardia Civil and environmental officers rushed to the scene, as well as Red Cross personnel. The rescue effort from the two cabins was complete just before the daylight faded, with the passengers taken out one by one through the bottom of the cabins, and lowered to the ground using mountaineering ropes. From there they were able to walk down to the base station where they were attended to by medical and psychological specialists. No-one was hurt.

Over 100 people were also left stranded at the peak with no way to get down.
They were accommodated at the two refuges overnight and emergency services staff began to bring them down at first light on Thursday morning.

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