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This news is translated from the Spanish Press unless otherwise indicated.

First snail bite of crises

A Villager in resort of Villaricos has been the first person bitten by a potentially harmful Jambon Snail as the crises continues in Mainland Spain.

The Triumph of Goodness

The theater show "Cinderella" or "The triumph of goodness" will can be seen this Saturday 20 from 18.00 in the Auditorium Of Corralejo and on Sunday 21 from 12.00 in the Auditorium of Puerto del Rosario.

The museums of Fuerteventura open their doors to Schools

Dozens of schoolchildren from Fuerteventura look at their history in the Ecomuseum of Alcogida in Tefía.

Fuerteventura in yellow warning with waves and strong winds until Saturday

Aemet has launched a yellow warning due to strong waves that will affect the entire archipelago, although to a lesser extent in the north of Gran Canaria and Tenerife. A situation that will be continuing till the weekend.

Volotea announces a Toulouse - Fuerteventura New Route

The low-cost airline Volotea will launch this summer a new seasonal connection between Toulouse and Fuerteventura , its third destination in the Canary Islands from the Pink City

Private Holiday Rentals Judgement Faces Government Appeal

Maria Teresa Lorenzo, Regional Minister of Tourism, reports that the Government could appeal against the judgement recently given by the Supreme Court

Economy Boost For The Islands

Canary Islands’ Economic Growth Forecast has been predicted to be 3.5% this year and growing further into the following 2 years

Whale Washed Up..

Employees from the Fuertenventura Island Council's environmental protection department have found a female Blainville beaked whale at Playa de Esquinzo.

Did the Earth Move for You??

Earth tremors off the coasts of El Hierro and Gran Canaria felt by many coastal residents.

Village Surrounded As Snail Crisis Continues

For the last couple of weeks we have reported on the ever growing “Jambon Snail” crisis in mainland Spain. If you have missed the reports then please find them HERE.

We are sad to report that we have just had news in that just North of Mojácar is the small resort of Villaricos and this small village has just become the first to be completely cut off due to the Crisis.

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