Local Events and Fiestas

Corralejo Carnival 9-19 March 2017



Bring your costumes and attend the biggest and best carnival in Fuerteventura. It will be (as it always is) big colourful affair with all sorts of beautiful floats and dancers in the most amazing costumes.


Corralejo Carnival 2015

Carnival 2015The time has arrived for the Carnival of Carnivals. 10 days of fiestas and parades in Corralejo so get your dancing shoes out because they will be partying all through the night!


Dia de Canarias. 30th May

Dia CanariasA question many visitors ask around this time is what the Day actually marks. Some will take to books and internet to see what historic occasion, such as a battle or major discovery, was chosen as the date symbolising the Canaries. They will be disappointed, however, as the real reason is much simpler, not to say much more recent.




The Kite Festival Comes to Town

Once again Corralejo dunes play host to the international Kite Festival, where enthusiasts from all over Europe come to show off their kites. This annual event draws the curious school child and the avid adult to see the vast assortment of kites. Some high in the air and some almost on the ground so that even the youngest can get close up and personal with them.

Carnival Dates

Puerto del Rosario

17th Feb - 25th Feb. Theme is “Fantasies” Sat 25th Grand Parade.

Gran Tarajal

29th Feb - 11th March. Theme is “The world of forests”


1st March - 18th March. Theme is “Fairy Tales”


3rd March – 4th March. Theme is “Creatures of the night”

La Oliva, Corralejo

8th March – 18 March. Theme is “Musicals” Grand parade 17th 6.30pm.


Kings Parade

At the stroke of almost exactly, nearly about 5:30pm, ish, the parade started to make itself ready.

It was starting from Las Palmeras, not the Baku or Waikiki beach, but on the high street just below the road works and for Fuerteventura was exactly on time!


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