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Island exploring - Gran Canaria

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Jenny and I have just spent a couple of days taking advantage of the great travel discounts for residents. 9€ from Morro jable to Las Palmas Gran Canaria - you can;t argue with that now can you!!

Las Palmas has lots to offer, a few pictures shown below of our Travels





Island exploring - Morro Jable

Morro jable B7777


What was once a small fishing village with only 200 inhabitants, Morro Jable has now grown into one of the biggest holiday resorts for German tourists on the island (with around 8,000 inhabitants)






Island exploring - Gran Tarajal

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Gran Tarajal itself is well worth a visit - Gran Tarajal is Fuerteventura’s second biggest town and is situated in the south-east of the island. It's a lively authentic Canarian coastal town with a friendly vibe, excellent town beaches, good restaurants and a surprising artistic side.


Reasons to explore Fuerteventura

canariesThe Canary Islands formed as a result of volcanic activity with Fuerteventura the oldest island, formed about 70 million years ago. Today, the Canary Islands remain a popular hot spot with holidaymakers from all over the world craving the warm climate, diverse culture and a variety of activities such as carnivals, festivals and water sports.


Fuerteventura at its best.

SandJust 50 miles from Saharan Africa, the island of Fuerteventura has a breath taking, barren beauty. Despite the volcanic terrain, it has some of the best beaches in the Canary Islands - miles and miles of largely deserted sandy beaches. Golden drifts of sand, like fine-spun silk, ripple towards the sparkling shore. Goats are herded across arid plains dotted with windmills. And long-dead volcanoes, scarred and deformed, pierce the virtually cloudless sky.


A little bit of history.

Fuerteventura currently counts approximately 80.000 habitants and is the oldest island of the Canary Archipelago.
It is a pacific island with numerous hidden and isolated places. The extensive beaches and turquoise coloured ocean being an ideal holiday place for all who are seeking silence, relaxation, sun and sand. With a distance of about 100 km to Cabo Juby (Western Sahara) it is the Canary Island lying closest to the African continent. As with all the other islands of the Canary Archipelago it has its origin in the volcanic activity on the floor of the ocean thousands of years ago.

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