The president of the Association Majorera for Diabetes (Amadi), Montserrat Martínez, asks for more information about the disease to prevent it or, if it is already suffering, to manage it better. The association has an office in the former school of Los Colorines (Calle Comandante Díaz Trayter, Puerto del Rosario), where support and information is given to people with diabetes in Fuerteventura in order to improve the quality of life.


According to official data from the end of 2015, in Fuerteventura there are more than 5,500 cases, of which 10% would be type 1, which is when there is a problem of the immune system that can not be prevented. In the case of type 2 diabetes, the most generalized, is related to sedentary life, poor diet and lack of physical exercise, although there may also be a hereditary component. There is also gestational diabetes that can cause serious damage to the fetus and the mother during pregnancy. But the most frequent type 2 diabetes. In addition to the diagnosed cases, it is estimated that there may be an additional 6.5% of people who are unaware that they have the disease. On the other hand, according to a general study conducted in Spain at the end of 2013, direct deaths from diabetes in the Canaries have risen from 60% to 80%.

Diabetes is a painless disease; You suffer from chronic diseases caused by diabetes, such as eye retinopathy that can make you lose vision, kidney damage that can make you need dialysis. It is estimated that 51% of people dialyzed in the Canary Islands are directly caused by diabetes. You may have nervous problems and symptoms of loss of limbs. Strokes can be linked to diabetes because there is insufficient watering by the accumulation of blood sugar. Poor diabetes control brings matched diseases like hypertension, cholesterol. A person without diabetes is already at risk of those other diseases, with diabetes that risk triggers.

Good Diet and exercise are essential to help combat the disease.

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