I was sent an email by a friend. It talked about “email tracker programs”. I have no way of knowing the veracity of the information but I did think that it was worth passing on for you to think about.

When you receive an email that says “Forward this to 10 people and you will have good luck”, or if you don’t you will have bad luck, or if you are my friend etc. There is a good chance that there is an email tracker attached. This tracker reports back the address of everyone that gets sent the email and provides information to “SPAMERS” who will send out all sorts of unwanted emails to these "lucky" people. It is just a new form of the old chain letter except that the originator gets new names & addresses to send stuff out to.

You wouldn’t send junk mail to your friends; so do everyone a favour and stop these chain emails in their tracks.

On the subject of junk mail;

If there is a return envelope in the package, better still if it is prepaid, put all the junk mail in the envelope and post it back to the originators. Make sure that there is no reference to you on anything. It still costs the company if the envelope goes back empty, so go ahead post it back, you didn’t ask them to post it to you in the first place. If you receive junk mail with a legitimate letter, i.e. your phone bill contains ads for replacement windows, then just send it back with your payment; remember they probably got paid to send it out! If they have to keep throwing away the junk for you they may stop sending it in the first place.

Just a last thought;

Telemarketers: five little words “Hold on a moment please” then put the phone, quietly, down on a table and go make yourself a cup of coffee. When you have enjoyed it remember to go back and hang up the phone. You wouldn’t want to miss their return call now would you?

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