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27th March 2015

1PDon’t forget to put the clocks forward at 2am on Sunday. Summer time begins. This year on October 25, the clocks go back one hour for the winter period.
Did you know?
Benjamin Franklin, George Vernon Hudson and businessman, William Willet, tried at different times to introduce daylight saving for extending and optimising sunlight to the day, but failed with their proposals.  Germany, Austria and Hungary implemented the idea first on April 30, 1916.  Many countries started to use it at various points since, particularly in 1975 following the energy crisis of the 1970s which prompted many countries to take advantage of the natural light better and thereby save energy. Since 1994 all EU member states have applied the rule. (I’m great for useless information.)

An interesting article on food shopping below. Other people’s thoughts and additions would be welcome.

All Catholic Easter service times are advertised in local hotels.

The Anglican Church of St James is holding a 6.30pm short service in the church of Nuestra Senora del Carmen, Corralejo and a family service on Easter Sunday also at 6.30pm.

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Local News

  • High UV index warning

    The Meteorological Agency (Aemet) reported that UV index (UVI) in the Canary Islands will be "very high" during the day on Monday and the next day (30th & 31st March), and coincides with clear skies. Read More

  • Drowning in the Canaries

    Emergency services say they were called to the busy beach at around 2pm Sunday to deal with an incident after being alerted by phone that a surfer had pulled the unconscious swimmer from the water. Efforts to revive the unnamed man, who is aged around 70, proved unsuccessful and he was pronounced dead at the scene shortly afterwards. The drowning is the third beach fatality in the Canaries in March and also the third so far this year in Fuerteventura.

    Read More
  • Route de Tapas

    A total of 50 establishments in the municipality participating in the third edition of the tapas and desserts route from the top La Oliva 2015, organized by the Department of Trade and Tourism of the City of La Oliva.

    Read More
  • Spanish investigations.

    Within minutes of the first details of the morning crash involving an Airbus 320 aircraft owned by Lufthansa's low-cost subsidiary Germanwings and which disappeared from radar screens on its way from Barcelona to Düsseldorf, various digital papers began publishing articles with controversial headlines such as "Are low-cost airlines safe? Read More

  • Inclement Weather warning.

    The Meteorological Agency (AEMET) has Monday 23rd, issued a yellow notice to the Canary Islands that rains, of up to 15 liters per square meter per hour, can be expected with local heavy showers Read More

  • Operation Capture

    Canary Islands - 23.03.2015 - The latest Operation Capture campaign by Crimestoppers and the authorities in both countries saw pictures and details of ten most wanted criminals distributed widely through the media. One of the ten, Shane Walford was tracked down to the Canary Islands by Spanish police on Saturday morning. Read More

  • Fraud amongst the workers

    In labour fraud, Fuerteventura is at the head of the Canary Islands during 2014. 80% of the 2.1 billion euros raised by the Territorial Directorate of the Inspectorate of Labour and Social Security corresponds to this island; this is 1.7 million euros in fines for irregular social security contracts.

    Read More
  • El Cotillo water plant demolished.

    The City of La Oliva has completed the demolition of the old water treatment plant El Cotillo and retrieves a plot of 2,700 square meters located on the beach of the fishing village. The Department of Works and Services, in collaboration with the Cabildo, leave clean this coastal strip in the middle of El Cotillo, whose neighbours have suffered for years, especially in summer when the odours and mosquitoes increased.

    Read More
  • Road investment.

    €365,000 has been spent on improving road services in the La Oliva region. Corralejo has major works continuing, causing traffic chaos. Restaurants are suffering as the high street becomes a major road works. With the carnival this weekend there needs to be rapid completion.

    Read More
  • Technology Park.

    The Technology Park hosts the International Meeting of Telecentres, 24th and 25th March, under the slogan “Fuerteventura Meeting Point” with the organization of the Community Telecentre Network Association and the Canary Agency for Research.
    It is expected to draw about 200 people from different countries to discuss the possibilities of opening new lines of collaboration between the community Telecentre Spain and the African and Latin American continents

    Read More
  • Easter Camping permits.

    The Department of Environment of La Oliva opens next Monday, March 23, for residents and non-residents, the deadline for requesting permission to camp at Easter. This year's camping season has been established as between March 27 (from 14:00) and April 5, 2015.

    Read More
  • Holiday Lets Fraud

    Hacienda, the country's Inland Revenue, said yesterday that a new Fiscal Control Plan, based largely on Internet information gathering, is being implemented to bring billions of euros in undeclared revenue out into the open as part of the ongoing crackdown on the black economy, which is estimated to account for 20% of Spain's GDP.

    Read More
  • New flue peak on the way.

    Paradoxical as it may seem given the considerable improvement in the weather over the past week throughout the Canaries, flu infections are showing a steady increase although the culprit this time is not the Type A virus responsible for the peak suffered in February but its Type B counterpart. Read More

  • Undeclared pensions.

    The Spanish Tax Office has provided a period of grace for those tax-paying foreigners who have not previously declared pensions received from outside of Spain from 2010 onwards.
    Read More

  • Civil guard arrests.

    A total of three officers of the Civil Guard have been arrested on Tuesday night in Morro Jable, accused of allegedly committing several crimes, according to Europa Press sources of the Meritorious. Read More

  • Fireball over the Canaries.

    The Astronomical Observatory of Temisas (OAT) was one of the stages of the sighting of a fireball in fall with large green trail and bigger than the usual media that was seen throughout the grancanario east including the airport, Teror, or capital, and even from other islands. Read More

  • Fuerteventura soldiers to Afghanistan.

    This Monday was the first rotation of 117 soldiers. Seven days later a second plane with 108 more soldiers will be chartered, to complete the 225 that make up the 37th Spanish mission in Afghanistan, under Lieutenant-Colonel of Infantry Juan Angel Peace Boat. Read More

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Featured Restraurants

  • Land of Freedom, Risto Pub

    Land of Freedom romanticLand of Freedom, Risto Pub, offers an alternative way to have lunch or dinner.

    Tucked away in a little plaza by the Lobos Bahia hotel this establishment offers “Slow Food” philosophy of Tapas Tasting Trays in a romantic setting. Just right for that special occasion.


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