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21st April 2017

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Hello and welcome to this weeks Fuertenews  

Living here on our little sunshine island it is so easy to forget what is going on in the world. Very easy to become detached from it all. Having spent a few days “back in civilization” I became very aware of this crazy and dangerous world we are living in. Our island culture is very accepting and respectful of others.

I am amazed how well the local children play together, very little fighting that one sees elsewhere between youngsters. Everyone simply enjoys life. Made me think that on a greater scale how can one possibly think that to retaliate with violence against violence actions will bring peace!!! They are not securing a safe world for our children growing up today, they are subjecting them to a harsh future.

Maybe its burying my head in the sand (and there is plenty of that) but thank goodness for lessons to be learnt by just living peacefully with each other.

Could there be a better place to escape the worlds turmoil for a while.

It’s good to be back.

Penny x x


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