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14th January 2017

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Hello, hope that you are well and welcome to this weeks Fuertenews

Folk are asking me, “is it normally this cold?” No is the simple answer, but remember it could be worse, you could be back in frozen England building snowmen rather than here building sandcastles! Enjoy the few hours during the mid-day that still give warm sunshine.

Lots of new things this week, including some great new properties available and a rather amusing contribution from "Stressed Susie – Mum of three who can’t let it be!" that will resonate with many parents.

As we venture into this new year Fuertenews is asking for your input to the paper. Do you have something to write about, something to advertise, let’s hear about it, we are only an email away:

Send to penny@fuertenews or admin@fuertenews

Keep Warm and Happy.



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Local News

  • Hospital parking

    The General Hospital inaugurates a new asphalted parking lot of 400 places, which ends years of tackling precariousnes potholes when leaving the car.

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  • Credit card scam on the Islands

    Over 1000 tourists have fallen foul of a credit card scam on the Canary Islands - Once the tourists had paid for goods with their credit cards was when the scam started.  After they had left, their payment was taken several times more from different point of sale terminals the business owners had acquired.

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  • Sale Time....

    As soon as Christmas, New Year and Three Kings Day are over and done with, it is time to go out in full force to hit the shopping malls in search of bargains.

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  • Further film shots?

    Fuerteventura is accustomed to hosting in its spectacular landscapes in great shoots that have given movies international promotion, such as "Exodus" or "Allies". Saying that the impact of those is probably small compared to what may be to come.....It has recently been heard that some scenes for the new "Starwars" story may be filmed right here.

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  • The winds will return to the Islands with the possibility of rain!

    After the lapse of African influence of the calima, it has been announced that on Saturday it will return again to Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and to the north of the other islands

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  • All Time Historical High Records for Arrivals

    Fuerteventura Airport recorded its all time historical high record in 2016 with 5,676,817 passengers -- which is 12.9% more than 2015, according to the Cabildo mayorero with data from Aena.

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Upcoming Events

Thu Jan 19 @ 9:00AM - 02:00PM
Artisans Market, El Campanario, Corralejo
Fri Jan 20 @ 8:00AM - 05:00PM
Corralejo Market

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Recommended Restaurants

  • Restaurant Sanus

    Restaurant Sanus

    Revisited an old favourite recently - Sanus restaurant. Having a vegetarian friend, we went along at her request, to be honest, I have decided that I could easily become a vegie!.

    Sanus has such a varied menu selection that even if you have no food intolerances the menu offers a superb change to the normal style of restaurant.

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